Alexiev Transcription Services

Experience Alexiev Transcription Services, the premier medical and business transcription service of Grand Rapids, helping professionals in West Michigan, New York or Sydney work smarter by saving time, money and effort.

Alexiev Transcription Services assists area physicians and other healthcare providers  as well as  businesses, R&D scientists and other research professionals, filmmakers, marketing companies, educators and many others with unrivaled transcription services. We type it, proof it, and return it to your specifications – for one flat fee.

Let us save you time

As we lead ever busier lives, time is becoming increasingly scarce and therefore more valuable. Make Alexiev Transcription Services your ally in helping you manage your time more profitably. Why not delegate the mundane tasks to us so you can focus on the more critical ones? After all, how much is your time worth?  We’re experienced professionals who can work with virtually any type of audio and get you fast results.

Let us save you money

How much money are you losing by doing your own documentation instead of seeing customers or performing billable work? We bet our rate is a lot less than you’d have to pay yourself for the time you spend taking your own notes when you could be doing something more important.

How much more are you paying for transcriptions by companies who quote a low per-line fee but add on fees for formatting changes or empty spaces? We charge a simple, low per-line fee – period, end of story!

Let Alexiev Transcription Services save you money by reducing your costs, increasing efficiency and, thus, your profitability, helping you work smarter.

Let us save you effort

Our transcriptions make your job so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it with Alexiev Transcription Services earlier. We offer quick turnaround times and accurate results. And Alexiev will zip it back to you just as quickly and easily.

Let us personalize the service to you

Contact us today. At Alexiev Transcription Services, we will customize our services to your work schedule and documentation parameters, creating a result that will exceed your expectations. 

When it comes to medical or business transcription services, come to Alexiev Transcription Services where we are always… hanging on your every word.